Panda, snake, owl, dog, cat, ladybird and many other animals in black and white visuals for the toddlers.

Illustration: Nina Peret

Four /

Presentation of four figures, who encourage to listen Polish Radio 4, youth targeted.

Creative director: Maciej Porębski
Art director: Nina Peret
Illustration: Nina Peret
Copywriter: Piotr Zygmunt

Grafex /

I won the Grafex competition in 2010, which was organized by "Exclusive", a life-style magazine. The topic was The fashion and my favorite fashion designer. I chose Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood - whose collections I had seen at the fashion show during the Milan's Fashion Week four years ago. The third artist was Henrik Vibskov, because I like his sense of humor.

Cars /

I prepared those illustrations for "Exclusive", a life-style Polish magazine. The article was about links between cars and fashion designers.

Horror /

Another set of illustrations for "Exclusive", a life-style Polish magazine. This article tackled the issue of history of fear and horror.

The Dog&Fox /

My task was simple: Turn ordinary white corridor into a fancy one and giving workers some fun. So, I created the rebus on the wall. The solution was easy - one of the most famous sentences for every designer... Quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog, but you can only guess the sentence walking along the whole corridor.

7 Girls /

There is a legend that number 7 on the Jack Daniels's bottle came from his 7 girlfriends he had... so I depicted them for 160th birthday of JD.

Be hungry /

Leo Burnett is famous for hand-writing doodles. So, why not to get one on the kitchen wall?

Books /

During 2008-2010 I was collaborating with two publishing houses. There was long-term cooperation with Biuro Literackie and temporary one with WAB. In this period, I created almost 40 books. I always started from interviews with authors and I tried to understand their way of thinking. Thanks to that, every book had a very clear core idea.