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Currently, I'm on maternity leave. I raise up my two children. I'm interested in the Montessori method and Nonviolent Communication. I spend with my kids a lot of time doing variety of craft works. We love DIY. We like reading books, building blocks up, dancing, "laugh and cry". I'm introducing fun and learn in one activities for kids. In the meantime, which is not too much time, I try to launch my own start-up: ha!ha! Seek-and-Find Play Mats. These special products combine the play mats for kids with seek-and-find books. I did all illustration by myself. Now, it is time to resume my professional career. Having my mind full of new ideas and insights I will eagerly take any new challenges.

I work for DDB Warsaw as an art director. I moved from Leo Burnett Warsaw, which was my first job in advertising. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Poland) and I got a master degree in graphic design (the illustration specialisation). Before working for an advertising agency I gained various professional experience (in cultural institutions, publishing houses, small BTL agencies, a theater, a film production house and a model agency and even in a restaurant). It's hard to say something about myself, so I would like to quote my team mate.

"Being a total advertising rookie, Nina has joined Creative Department in the beginning of 2011. She entered the agency and instantly started to jump like Donkey in "Shrek" shouting: choose me, choose me, I want to do this, I want! From the very first day she spread her freshness, curiosity of a child, youthful enthusiasm, and - what is most important, she wasn't afraid to swim in a deep sea. Being more precisely - in deep seas... of Heineken, McDonald's, hejtStop, Orange, Amnesty International, Samsung, AXA, Procter&Gamble, and PZU Insurance Company. She is a "From A to Z" lady. From drawer and graphic designer to universal art director. From leaflet maker to developer of 360 campaigns. From the least important briefs manager to a leader of agency initiatives. From working bee to... hardest working bee.From a child to Superwoman. From zero to hero. These are the words that best describe Nina's "journey" in the agency. And her power is inexhaustible. She is still jumping and shouting. Keep going, girl!"

Piotr Zygmunt
The Tailor of Ideas


EFFIE (Polish Ad Competition): 2 x Gold
KTR (Polish Ad Competition): Silver, Bronze, 2 x Shortlist
ADMAN: Shortlist

KTR (Polish Ad Competition): Shortlist

KTR (Polish Ad Competition): Shortlist

D&AD: In Book
GPC (Leo Burnett's internal competition): 1 x 7+
The Star Reacher Awards (Leo Burnett's internal competition)

Cannes Lions: Shortlist
Golden Drum: 1 x Silver Drum, 2 x Shortlist
One Show Entertainment: Merit Award
KTR (Polish Ad Competition): 1 x Bronze, 2 x Bronze, 1 x Shortlist
GPC (Leo Burnett's internal competition): 2 x 7+

Grafex (illustration competition): 1 x Gold

All works presented on the website have been completed.