#ryjkuzniara /

This campaign is about to show in direct and blunt way how on-line hate speech leaves enduring footprint. We have engaged polish journalist Jarosław Kuźniar who struggles hate speech in his everyday work life.

KTR (Polish Ad Competition):  Silver, Bronze, Shortlist
EFFIE (Polish Ad Competition) Gold x2
ADMAN (Polish Ad Competition): Shortlist

Creative director: Zuza Duchniewska,
Maciej Waligóra,
Maciej Twardowski,
Tytus Klepacz
Art director: Nina Peret,
Dawid Bogucki
Copywriter: Piotr Zygmunt

Lions collection/

Cannes. It is where all the key figures in advertising and related fields come together in one place. The best ads from around the world are awarded. It is also the right place to use every opportunity to immerse oneself in the realm of advertising art and get inspired by the best ideas from all the corners of the earth. Making new connections between delegates is part of the festival as well.
R U a lion collector? It's my self-promo project. It's a good excuse to start a small talk with someone, have a chat and give them one of the lion badges instead of a business card.
They are not made of metal, but have a potential. Would you like to get one?

15 - 22 June 2014
Cannes Liones International Festival of Creativity.

KTR (Polish Ad Competition):  Shortlist

Art director: Nina Peret
Illustrator: Nina Peret
Copywriter: Piotr Zygmunt,
Radek Dudzic

Empathy Calendar /

Everyone has to measure time but prisoners of conscience count time in a different way... they are waiting for freedom... month by month, week by week, day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. We came up with the following idea: Perception of the time of imprisnment has been brought into the world of the free. We, therefore, gave people the possibility of feeling as a prisoner. We created tree types of calendars: the wall calendar 100 meters long, calendars, which were pieces of walls and a Facebook wall calendar. People in Poland have been counting their "imprisonment time" on the "personal versions" of calendars which they had chosen or got from us. We are proud of it, because the idea gained a great appreciation in other Amnesty International offices abroad. They adapted this idea.

D&AD 2013: In book
Golden Drum 2012: Silver Drum
KTR (Polish Ad Competition): Bronze
GPC (Leo Burnett's internal competition): 7+

Creative director: Paweł Heinze
Copywriter: Piotr Zygmunt,
Kamil Kowalczyk
Art director: Nina Peret,
Sebastian Bulski,
Agata Bańkowska
Mural Artist: Artur Wabik
Developer: Paweł Kuliński,
Daniel Kiska
Video Artist: Katka Michalak
Music: Bartosz Dziedzic